Can’t Stop Indie Rock

Neon Dreams – “Sick of Feeling Useless”

If you want a tutorial on near perfect indie pop, look no further than duo Neon Dreams. Their sound reaches beyond genre and beyond the two exceptional musicians. “Sick of Feeling Useless” is a larger than life, yet highly relatable, anthem. The video is just as incredible and shows the creative talent of the act. Through the use of tons of photos, the act builds a deceptively normal high energy music video. Yet, with all the band does, they do it at a high level that sets them apart from many similar acts.

Paddlefish – “Small Song”

Paddlefish are a hidden gem of an act. The young band are quintessential indie rock with shades of grunge. We were reminded of acts like Bully and even (dare we say) Hole. But make no mistake, this act has a certain brightness in the sound that makes them truly unique. “Small Song” is a humble track that compels listeners with how it refuses to be typecast before exploding into a guitar solo climax. The result is intriguing and a guilty pleasure of ours.

La La La Birdtime – “The Race”

This CA duo is refreshingly unique. From the first listen to “The Race”, I was chomping at the bit to share it with our listeners because of their fresh creativity. To make clear, their sound is not for everyone and carries with it a certain amount of polarization. Among a wall of fuzzed rock goodness, we are reminded of B Movies and monster mashes in October. Their combustible and dynamic energy is daring, creative, and loads of fun.

Manuel The Band – “Student Loans”

If we have ever heard a song title we can relate to, it is the new track from California rockers Manuel the Band. “Student Loans” is an impressive piece of rising rock that crosses genre borders with ease. The trumpet is especially unique, and shows an act willing to take risks. “I wonder if I’ll make it through / what am I supposed to do?” croons the vocalist with impassioned relevance that has only continued to echo in our current times. This is an act we are always encouraged to hear from and deeply believe in their ability to connect with masses of fans.

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