Paddy Dennehy Shares Brilliant “Feed the Full”

The music of Paddy Dennehy is a breath of fresh air in these tired times. The Irish songwriter crafts compelling tracks that tug at our soul in a way reminiscent of some of our favorites. His ability to weave stories of love as well as theological imagery, develops like Noah Gundersen and David Ramirez. While this is an incredible strength, it is only one of many reasons we are smitten with the art of Paddy Dennehy.

The first trait that strikes listeners immediately is the passionate and affecting vocals in “Feed the Full”. So much so that likeminded musician Glen Hansard said he was “fuckin knocked out” by his style. One does not have to go any further than Hansard to find a rival voice. His storytelling, vulnerability, and sheer emotion make him one of the rare songwriters who can do it all with sheer brilliance.

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