MAITA: Perfect Indie Rock For Our Current Times

MAITA – “Someone Lost Their Goddamn Wallet”

Vulnerability maybe the super songwriter strength of this act. With rapid everyday storytelling, told through an incredible voice with pure indie rock goodness, “Someone Lost Their Goddamn Wallet” plays on many genres with success. Although vulnerable and relatable, the track is also smoothly confident.

For me, songwriting comes from a place of wanting to find the truth in life. Sometimes that truth is so complex and nuanced that it requires a whole song to explain,” shares Maria Maita-Keppeler, the principal songwriter and front person for the Portland, Oregon-based indie rock band MAITA.

We’re all goners” croons the band before breaking into a poppy guitar sway that makes you forget our current state of affairs in lieu of dancing it off. If you want a tutorial on how to make a hit, consider MAITA your best professor.

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