For fans of Tom Petty style folk rock music

Evan Castle and the Southern Tier – “Hazel Eyes”
-Everything about this song feels like another era. I can’t decide if it feels like the 70s or 80s, but it certainly throws around some old school vibes. The track overall is fanastic; everything from the tone of the guitars to the soaring lead vocal all are vintage rock. The lyrics about being obsessed with the color of someone’s eyes is infinitely relatable. In a different time, this track would have charted top ten easy. Could we make it happen in 2020?

Sawyer Fredericks – “Born”
– The folk rock energy of Fredericks is of the same essence as Petty himself. Their commonalities extend beyond the long hair. I really appreciate the sincerity of Fredericks’s vocal delivery on this track. The dynamics from the understated chorus to the expressive lyrics on the verses makes for a fantastic folk rock tune.

Mythmakers – “Running Backwards”
-I’m a sucker for good songwriting and brilliant phrasing. Mythmakers have produced a song that is a masterclass on making sure that the melody and the lyrics match. The mood of the piece is fantastic. I love the production decision to give the lead vocal a little bit of echo. I think the whole track takes on a unique sound as a result. The guitar breaks, quality vocal, and overall chill vibe are perfect indie rock in my book.

Wild Silence – “Only Friend”
-Sometimes I hear a song that is so good I honestly don’t understand how it works. I feel that way with this song. The lead vocal is one of the best vocalists I’ve heard in 2020. Then you add onto that a layered folk rock sound that absolutely works with the theme of the song… and I’m just blown away. This is a production masterpiece with a considerable amount of energy and passion. I bet this would be incredible to hear live! Maybe some day. For now, I’ll just turn it up and enjoy! You should too.

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