Something For Everyone Playlist

Carmanah – “Best Interest”

There is something undeniably cool about “Best Interest”. Mixing lush instrumentation with alluring vocals, the band impressively builds off the success of their previous album. Categorized as Indie Rock, the band has confidence to bounce between genres and connect with a larger mix of audiences. The jagged guitar solo toward the climax is especially creative and dips in psych rock. The end result is an impressive release that grabs and holds our attention.

Mating Ritual – “OK”

This LA duo is the real deal. When it comes to a perfect convergence of groove and soul, look no further than their latest track “Ok”. Carried with a wall of sound that is intentional and creative, the single is a building piece of indie pop goodness. For band comparisons, one could point to Cold War Kids and The 1975, but we would say hold loosely to any comparison, because this act is sure to impress and surpass any expectations.

Marsicans – “Summery in Angus”

If after all the times we have wrote about this Leeds indie rock act you still have not fallen in love, you may want to check your vital signs. There is honestly nothing to dislike about this incredible act. On their latest single, the act craft their signature wall of sound that disorients and induces dancing. Vocally, it gets even better. The higher register sway makes listeners fall in love immediately. While garnering impressive touring spots for the likes of Catfish & the Bottlemen and festivals like Glastonbury, the act has also accrued millions of streams, and this is much deserved.

Rincs – “Ricochet”

Experimental is the word that comes to mind when looking to describe this duo. Blending pop, folk, and a little slow burning rock, “Ricochet” is a creative expression. We appreciate the vocals that sway like a siren song, while the guitar is almost ominous. We understand this might not be for everyone, but we hope that even if it is not your jam, you can at least appreciate the artistic creativity. We love it.

Furnace Creek – “Past My Prime”

The title track off their debut release, “Past My Prime” is a coming to age story told with intelligent songwriting. We were impressed with the rock sound but also the arresting vocals. The track comes together beautifully with a instrumental that leaves listeners reaching for their breath. If you are fans of acts like Manchester Orchestra, we think you will love this young and rising group of thoughtful artists.

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