Incredible SS Isabeau Waia’u Walker Shows a “Better Metric”

We were fortunate to come across the music of songwriter Isabeau Waia’u Walker. Sometimes the right music comes to you exactly when you need it most. Her new EP plays like a conversation with a close friend. On “Better Metric”, listeners hear her talent and vulnerability on full display, all the while being lulled with a jagged guitar echo.

If you sit and listen through the entire EP,” the artist explains, you’ll see a trend in my personal growth and posture towards the world. I figured out later than most that you can care for, love, protect, provide for and value others without having to agree with them. Revelatory mid life mindset…better late than never.

Listeners can hear the inner growth of Walker in her emotive single. Her vocals are beautifully paced, lulling listeners into a calmed introspection – something needed during this time of quarantine. Her years of songwriting have helped refine her craft and the output here tells of a seasoned artist whose music holds up with any of your favorites.

The Oregon artist recently released her Better Metric EP and we cannot recommend it enough. If you like creative forces of nature songwriters like Phoebe Bridgers and Sharon Van Etten, then don’t miss out on Isabeau Waia’u Walker.

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