A Perfect Singer Songwriter List

In the times of quarantine and uncertainty, music has become even more of a balm for our souls than normal. There are some exceptional singer songwriters who are releasing music during this time, and we want to continue to highlight these artists. Without touring, many of them are struggling to get by. We ask that you do whatever you can, if you can, to help support artists like this. Stay healthy!

Kerin Maguire – “Kiwi Green”

The young songwriter is incredible at crafting a sonic mood. The self-taught musician has been creating since an early age, and her songs tell of a surprisingly mature and present artist. Her vulnerability reminds us of the likes of Julien Baker and the wave of brilliant contemporary songwriters. Her latest EP is a refreshing work that encapsulates everything good about the singer songwriter style. Heartfelt and introspective, the music of Kerin Maguire is a must hear.

Claire Frazier – “I Want You Bad”

The music of this songwriter has a tight hold on the current pop sound. As a relative newcomer at 17, the artist has already climbed into the ears of many tastemakers while crafting tight electro pop that rivals any of the known names. Her new single, “I Want You Bad”, is everything we like about the genre while still exploring impressive directions. “I Want You Bad is all about wanting something or someone you can’t have,” shares the artist. “In my case, I was in a relationship that I knew needed to end. I just didn’t want to lose the memories or the sweet bond I had with this particular person.” Do not be surprised to hear more from her in the days ahead.

Peter Katz – “Paper Thin”

If pop music’s future sounds anything like the music of Peter Katz, then sign us up. The mix of synths and soul with creative and heartfelt lyrics are a near perfect sound for the times. Crafting a textured sound that unfolds and holds listeners attention, his vocals are incredibly alluring. We were reminded of some of our favorite artists when we heard “Paper Thin”, including the likes of Mutemath. The music of Katz touches on some nostalgic longings of our soul and is a welcome reprieve.

Jonny Morgan – “Sarah”

If you appreciate Americana tinged love songs, than let us introduce you to your new favorite track. It is difficult to classify an artist like Morgan with genres. His sound is wonderfully distinct and hops from styles with ease. While his vocals are probably what we appreciate most about his music, his slide guitar is also incredibly affecting. It has a perfect tone and is never rushed into a track, but allowed to come in and out with intention. This restraint is an art and shows of his maturity. “Sarah” is an absolute gem of a track.

Andrew Wiscombe – “You Never Want to Hold Me in the Day”

So here’s an intriguing introduction into the background of Andrew Wiscombe: “Former Army Sniper turned Berklee-trained, award-winning singer/songwriter“. We took this from his profile and thought it told you a lot of the everyday man quality of his sound, but also his incredible talent. His songwriting style is very Americana, complete with just the right amount of slide guitar. His voice also tells of a mature songwriter who has something compelling to say.

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