Headclouds Shine With LoFi Rock

Many bands try to get a certain hazy and shimmering lo-fi sound. What separates UK act Headclouds is there ability to craft expressively sprawling tracks like these, while still providing emotive harmonies which carry the style into new territory. The band weave beautiful textures into their atmospheric sound with impressive results. The band has toured with like minded artists The Pain of Being Pure of Heart and The Big Moon. We would also be remised if we did not drop the name of Tame Impala in how the band constructs airy yet grounded songs.

“I Do Too” is a great introduction to a band that is gaining much deserved notoriety. The band has a great hold on the current need for positive and imaginative sounds.

If you check out their Bandcamp page, you can pay what you like for a download. Any money raised will be split between Jonny and Caius from the band, who have found themselves without an income due to Covid-19.

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