Quarantined Folk to Comfort Your Soul

Dylan Hartigan – “My Island”

Perhaps the most current of the song titles we have come across, “My Island” is a beautiful folk ballad. Isolated and all together lovely, the songwriter is prepping his debut which may have been pushed back due to current circumstances. The track starts folky and certainly can be classified as pop folk, yet it builds to a pop and even more rock edged territory by the climactic end. The Voice musician is sure to win over fans with a much needed sonic reprieve.

Someday River – “Out of Reach”

There are so many great sonic textures in this act. With a grounding in folk, the band explore a more artsy corner of the genre and even explore psychedelia with impressive results. With “Out of Reach” (another greatly timed title), the act soars in melancholy and heartfelt lyrics. We feel shades of Fleet Foxes in the release, but with more garage rock vibes sprinkled in. The end result is a DIY sound that resonates with us deeply.

Fergus – “All You’re Not”

The vocals in “All You’re Not” are comforting in the uneasy moment we find ourselves in. The artist has been at his craft, in various forms, since his early youth. With a background touring with choirs, playing cello and singing, he eventually burnt out and started over. His latest creation is emotive in a way reminiscent of the work of Thom Yorke. The climax of the track comes together like a Yorke track, with wide and jagged textures that make listeners almost uncomfortable before lulling them back to comfort. We appreciate the expressive heart at work here and look forward to hearing more soon.

Art Block – “Heart and Soul”

“Heart and Soul” provides us a straightforward tutorial of how fantastic singer songwriters can be with limited resources and loads of talent. The UK artist is perfectly restrained in his approach, while crafting tracks that elicit the rolodex of human emotion. Armed with his voice and an acoustic guitar, Art Block is able to captivate an audience in ways that impresses and comforts. Recently he released an EP that is worth a few spins while in quarantine.

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