The Kindling:: “No Illusion”: A Brilliant Sway of Sound

The Kindling are a band that can disarm even the most anxious of listeners. With near brilliant sonic textures, the UK three-piece gently sway through genres seamlessly. With a light grounding in folk, the band crafts orchestral sounds and even hit on jazz pulses before the track comes to a close. Vocally, the harmonies will melt listeners with an alluring invitation but also carry subtle dark undertones that give the track a compelling quality.

Of course, with the imagination expressed here, it is difficult to come up with all encompassing influences or “this sounds like that” comparisons. If we had to (which we do being a musical blog and all), we would gently slip names like Dawes and Jeff Buckley your way. The Kindling are a band that is working on a sort of higher plane but also are relatable enough for us to sincerely dig everything they create. With a quantity of music, their back catalog is worth exploring.

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