Needed Songwriters For This Moment

Asia – “Cold Sweat”

If a voice could ever capture a feeling, it is that of young songwriter Asia. The Brussels artist crafts beautiful tracks with incredibly personal lyrics while supporting a more minimal style sonically. Her recent releases have been championed by NPR and various celebrated publications, and for good reason. Tackling loneliness, isolation, and the longings of the heart, Asia is an artist with a stranglehold on the spirit of the age we find ourselves in. Fans of Torres, Girl in Red, and Phoebe Bridgers are sure to greatly appreciate the budding talent.

Jacob Humber – “Northwest Coast”

The textures of Jacob Humber are intentional and beautifully chosen. The artist displays a mature patience on creating a layered track that is both subdued as well as expansive. Each instrument serves a purpose and given its own spot to shine and carry the track along. Of course, all of this would be for naught if vocally it wasn’t as endearing as it is. Listeners will hear an incredible pop folk voice, but again very disciplined in its approach. The track leaves you with a respect for the mastery of Jacob Humber, but also a desire to hear more of his tightly constructed and hopeful tracks.

Jesper Hasnaoui – “Lake”

Wow. This is how we felt after breathing in the notes of “Lake”. Based out of Norway, the artist grew up playing in a variety of different bands before finding the urge and courage to step out on his own to explore his personal songwriting voice. “Lake” has a very therapeutic quality to it with minimal but exceptional layers of sound that rise and fall beautifully. We listened to other tracks we missed from the artist, and definitely feel he has an impressive catalog that shows the same level of talent and heart.

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