Jam out to this pair of new rock tracks

Rooskin – “Radio slave”
-This is the indie rockiest anthem ever written – “you’re nobody’s radio slave.” I don’t know the context for the lyrics, but I can guess. I dig the smooth lyrical and guitar style here. It definitely gets me jamming in my chair. I like that it’s accessible yet, if you focus, hits pretty hard. Good for a wide range of playlists.

The Treble – “All the people”
-I appreciate the up tempo rock style here. Something about this one reminds me of a big concert venue, full of excitement and energy. The overall theme about “people in my head” is ALL TOO FAMILIAR in this time of lockdown. Honestly the anxiety is flying high, so this one resonates a lot. I wish I just liked it for the anthemic style, but honestly the lyrics hit me pretty hard as well.

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