Let’s have a musical fever dream

Chalkstone – “Solid scope”
-Something about Chalkstone reminds me of the best of the 60s folk scene. There are some intricate CSNY style harmonies in this track that really grab my attention. Additionally, the comment about the “fever dream” hits especially hard in our current pandemic conditions. I don’t wish a fever on anyone right now, but that sense of hazy disorientation is quite relatable. The guitar and harmonies bring us back to reality.

Annie Omalley – “You’re the drug”
-I approved this track purely on the quality of the lead vocal. This is an outstanding lead singer that I will be watching in the coming years. The lyrics, though, reminds us that there’s more to life than watching a news cycle. There’s love that can pull us toward each other even when we are supposed to stay apart. This has all the qualities of a pop standout track.

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