A pair of delightfully dreamy tracks for your meditative state

Elephant Castle – “Cool to be unhappy”
-This is the picture of perfection when it comes to psych rock. I absolutely loved this track from the first time I clicked play on it. The vibes are glowing and full of positive energy, despite the lyrics. I think rather than “unhappy” what the song feels like for me “it’s okay to be not okay.” This is an important truism. Don’t be fake. Feel real things and get help when you need to … but also vibe OUT when you need to. No one will fault you for that.

Dust in the Sunlight – “Dust in the sunlight”
-The dreamlike aesthetic of this track is evident from the very opening. But as you unpack the tune a bit more, it takes some avant garde turns that really liven it up. I love the juxtaposition between the very rooted, almost carnal rhythm of the percussion mixed with the light, airy, soaring quality of the vocals. This is no bedroom dreampop. This is a piece with layers and you’ll enjoy every single one if you give it a chance.

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