Vibes And Textures: Chill Tuesday Tracks

Lyrah – “The View”

There are tracks that seem to win you over immediately. You cannot fully explain it, but you know it from the first moment. California artist Lyrah, has utterly destroyed our genre preferences with her newest track “The View”. Crafting an undeniably cool sound, mixed with sultry vocals that made our hearts swoon. After the release of her Chemicals EP, she has rightfully garnered quite a lot of buzz. We see this continuing as she is a rare talent.

Quiet Brother – “Daisies”

This is an impressive and cool track. It unfolds unexpectedly, with textures and sounds we did not necessarily see coming. It would be easy to promote Bon Iver, but I think that would only tell half of the story. While starting in that style, “Daisies” develops in its own incredible space, bringing a more indie rock vibe and stellar guitar part toward the climax. It elicits a lot of emotion in listeners while promoting a much needed hope. Words fail us in describing how appreciated this is.

Cassia – “Do Right”

This one has a cool rock vibe we cannot get enough of. The UK act have crafted their sound that beautifully wraps around expressive vocals. Pulling influences from Vampire Weekend and South African music (where the track was primarily written), the track is painted by sunshine and chill vibes. They are on the cutting edge of the indie sound currently and we think they will continue to expand hearts with their relatable sound.

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