Here are some new singer songwriters you need in your life

The Burney Sisters – “Unbearable”
-I try not to use loaded language like “darlings” when referring to artists, but these two are certainly indie darlings. They have a charming sound with both strings and intricate vocals. The overall sound is timeless folk music that is sure to stick around for a while. They remind me of a combination of Mandolin Orange and some of the grittiness I like from the Wood Brothers.

Max Morin – “Thirty”
-If high tenor lead vocal is your thing, buckle up for an amazing experience with Max Morin’s singing. He’s got one of the tenderest voices I’ve heard in years, honestly. I appreciate the “peaceful easy feeling” vibe of the track when the full band comes in. This is a great example of modern folk rock done right.

Benjamin Marshall – “Wrong together”
-From first listen, Benjamin Marshall reminded me of Andrew Sullivan, another songwriter we’ve featured here a few times. The easy going folksy, Americana style is quite welcome on our site. The accordion is a nice surprise as it enters in the middle of the track. The whole thing combines earthy in the opening half and dreamy in the second half. Well done.

Coastland – “Sailing”
-The atmospheric energy of this recording soothes my soul. I really appreciate how the backing vocals create “space” in the recording. The lead vocal is crystal clear. The poetic lyrics cap off a composition style that works perfectly. I really enjoy the way it all clicks together so well. I don’t understand why a song like this isn’t at the top of pop charts everywhere. It’s amazing, inspirational, and perfectly produced.

Eric Long – “You only love me when you’re high”
-When I’m not processing music for the site, I’ve been listening to a lot of older songwriters like John Prine and Kris Kristofferson, so imagine my surprise when I clicked play on this song from Eric Long that fit right in with that mold. It’s a little funny and a whole lot of the truth. It’s got that charming sweetness to it like those old timers had in their music. Long has a gruffness in his voice that I want to bottle up and put in my back pocket. It sound fantastic and works for this endearing little song.

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