3 Pop Bending Songwriters With Loads of Talent

Gatlin – “I Think of You All The Time”

Vulnerability is the first thing we hear within the sound of Nashville based artist Gatlin. Her ability to set a sonic mood is reminiscent of Phoebe Bridgers and Torres and we cannot get enough. The artist has a understated talent for texture as well, with elements as the guitar buzz that grows in the background and carries the track, making it surprisingly intricate. Vocally, she is expressive and honest while still leaning into a more alt country vibe. There are many different genres and styles that she has creatively combined to make an exceptional track. We love everything about this young songwriter.

Jacob Dixon – “Slip”

“Slip” is a look forward by a young artist who wonders about his future. It is hopeful, honest, and full of styles that will harken some of your favorite songwriters regardless of genre. “Slip” is about our life together,” explains Dixon. “It’s about this weird period of adulthood where you want to take risks and not be content with the mediocre, but you still have to pay the bills. Where you have the opportunity to make long-term, life-changing decisions, but you still want your everyday life to matter.” The track took us back to when we were young and filled us with nostalgia. Jacob Dixon is the songwriter we need right now and are excited for his upcoming Lionheart EP.

Chloe Tang – “Fanning the Flame”

Chloe Tang confidently has her middle finger upon the pulse of the current electro pop scene. Her confidence is found in her ability to create haunting and almost painful (in a good way) sounds that elicit various interested sighs from listeners. “Fanning the Flame” could easily find itself on the radio and it is no wonder the artist has previously found popularity in placements on television and media. Documenting a love gone wrong/right, the artist has a knack for storytelling that will continue to set her apart from the crowd.

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