Here’s a playlist of indie music from different genres to calm your spirits

Lucas Davies – “Only in my mind”
-I appreciate the energy of this piece. It’s a little bit rock, a little bit folk, and a lot of chill. I also think the intellectual lyrics, focusing on the life of the mind is a much needed reflection in our historical moment. This one seems like something that could help kick back for a nice walk or maybe assist with a journaling session. It’s chill.

Logan and Nathan – “Where do we go”
-If you’re looking to free your mind a bit, spin this track from Logan and Nathan. I remember when I first discovered the concept of “downtempo” music. This track seems to fit that. Then there’s this lyrical break with a guest vocalist that feels more like a rap lyrical style. No matter, the whole thing feels appropriately avant garde. It’ll make you contemplate those next steps in life.

Jay Marwaha – “Sitting in the park”
-Equal parts Motown vintage 1965 and modern hip hop vintage 2020, this track absolutely slaps. If you can listen to this without getting your moves on, there is something wrong with you. It’s got romance, intrigue, and a feels-good groove. Also if you’ve ever hit on somebody in the park, this will bring back nothing but good memories. Even striking out in the park is worth the ask.

Nearly York – “World goes round”
-I love the energy of this track. It’s dynamic and anthemic. It feels me with those good chills like I’m in the front row of a powerful concert. In a time of global crisis, being assured that the world goes round is actually quite comforting. I appreciate that the song gives me perspective on just how small and finite I am, even when emotions feel huge. It’s about pain of heartbreak, but it’s also a good existential reflection.

Kodaline – “Sometimes”
-Kodaline is one of the biggest bands we cover on this site, so we’re consistently honored that we get music from them. I definitely love the dynamic of this track with its balance of pop energy on the backing vocals and the sincere vocal. It’s funny because I’m inclined to say “sounds like Kodaline.” The reflective, sincere lyrics make it worth listening over and over. It’s one that will mean different things to different people and I’m keeping my interpretation to myself. But let’s just say it feels really good inside. Feel this one deep, friends.

Carmanah – “As I see you”
-If you’re looking for folk music with a commercial shine, Carmanah is absolutely fantastic. It’s like if you took what everyone loved about Norah Jones and combined it with the magic of a duo like the Civil Wars. I mean that’s a lot of Grammys, but still… Carmanah are really, REALLY good. If I was a voter for the folk/Americana categories I would definitely highlight this band. It’s some of the sweetest, most refreshing, endearing music I’ve heard yet in 2020.

I am not an Earth – “I am not an Earth”
-I am preparing to have things digitally thrown at me, but is this emo? I lived through the emo years and feel like I should know this, but honestly this feels pretty darn emotional to me. Death Cab for Cutie, right? Anyways, I am not an Earth deserves more credit than just a big category. I found myself drawn into this song both for its emotional core and the soaring vocals on the chorus. It’s really a remarkable performance full of passion and energy.

Lisa Marini – “Kite”
-These lyrics require concentration, so don’t pay too much attention to my writing. Listen to the lead vocal and really think about it. It reminds me of reading classic literature that has one meaning on first blush, then many more meanings upon analysis. It is intentional, literary, and deep. Slow down and contemplate this acoustic piece. It’s worth your focus.

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