4 Pop Artists Worthy of this Special Leap Day

Today is a special day, as it only comes around once every four years. Leap years are mysterious and the 29th day of February from them is its epic story. I love this day! It’s as if we get an extra day to live life to the fullest. And how, may you ask, do I suggest you live this beautifully full extra day? Thanks for asking. I’ll tell you! …

MUSIC! (Bet you didn’t see that coming!) Here are 4 wildly unique and gifted artists from the pop genre that are serving us all some gorgeous tunes this Leap Day.

Genevieve Stokes – “Surface Tension”

With a voice and lyrics so uniquely illuminating, this song got its grips on me from the start. A piano-driven pop song is a refreshing twist on the genre, achieving so much greatness from depth and quality. That sentence may sound pretentious but this song and artist are nothing of the sort. Do yourself the favor of the century and enjoy this amazing song.

Maggie Miles – “WHATDOISAY?”

Pop at its purist involves infectious beats, elevated vocals, relatable lyrics, and (imo) dance-a-bility or sing-along-a-bility. I just completely made up those words, but I stand by them! Not only does this song have those recognizable tropes, but the chorus is so lovely and different. The chord progression and large choral sound make it stand out amongst so many others. Bop-worthy, plain and clear!

Hush – “K-Hole”

The synth/techno sound on the verses of this song is genuinely delicious. There’s something so powerful about the strength of sound vs. the ethereal touch of the hushed vocals. This juxtaposition of musicality is pleasing and perfectly produced. This song has ups and downs, with great musical interludes between chorus and verses that make this song so much more than average.

Andrea Niane – “White Liar”

Haunting and mesmerizing, this song is a story of epic proportions. This is a song that wraps you around its finger and pulls you in, makes you want more, and takes you on a journey. I want to know about this person, the one from this song’s story. It’s intoxicating. That’s the best way I can describe this song. Vocals, music, and lyrics all perfectly melded and delivered.

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