Five emerging songwriters to share with friends

Tayrn – “Daydream”
-If you are living in a hectic time of life, give this track a play. Oh my word this is more effective than medication for calming me in my soul. Tayrn has an almost-whispered vocal style that will absolutely send chills up your spine. The overall vibe is incredibly relaxing and moving. This is a song for your chill playlist for sure.

Dante Palmieri – “I don’t even know you”
-If you’re in the mood for a pop singer songwriter, you can’t do much better than Dante Palmieri. The song reminds me of my younger years watching TRL after school. It’s got a bit of boyband harmony, a bit of danceable beat, and a bit of “zoom in to the lead singer” cinematography. The whole production feels like vintage pop. Enjoy!

Edward Doyle – “Hey Jack”
-The lyric “she ain’t comin’ back” is really fun to me. It’s clear that Doyle has either experienced something like this or has heard a really good story about it. What I admire most about Doyle’s songwriting on this exciting debut album is that he seems to tap into really good folk stories. Woody Guthrie didn’t ride all the rails he told stories about, but he learned to pass down the stories to others. Doyle is doing that for this generation.

Endre Nordvik – “Be the one”
-Do you feel the intensity of this recording? It’s dripping with anticipation. What I love about it is the uncertainty. While so many love songs are about how “oh yes we have fallen so far so fast!” This song is like… is this true? Is this the real thing? That uncertainty is far more what real life is like. I appreciate the scale of the production here, too. It’s like that mid 70s Eagles vibe with enough instrumentation to stand out, but not so much that it distracts from the lyrical message. Good stuff.

Frank Moyo – “Friend of mine”
-I typically hate when people say “stick around for the chorus” and that kind of thing. But this is me telling you to give this song a legit listen because the it’s the real deal. There’s definitely a Tom Petty folk rock thing going on here, but beyond that the song is superbly produced. I’ll listen to 100 rock demos before I hear something this high quality. This is absolutely radio ready and if I had an indie/classic rock station I’d spin it immediately.

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