The Strokes Are Back

There are few acts as influential to the current musical landscape than The Strokes. We hear it every day in the hundreds of acts who submit music to us. Some are blatant in their reverence, while others are more subliminally influenced. All of this is interesting when taken to account an act who themselves were influenced by many different acts and often criticized unfairly for their aura of New York cool.

After their remarkable Is This It debut – which now is nearing the 20 year mark – the band has released some intriguing rock while still changing their sound from time to time. The most drastic of change is found in their newest release “Bad Decisions”, which is their first single off their upcoming The New Abnormal LP (April 10th). The video is surprisingly playful and shows the band conforming to the demands of their fans before self-destructing. It is an interesting statement from an act who looks to surprise longtime listeners.

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