Indie Rock Acts You Need to Hear

My Ugly Clementine – “Try Me”

There is a ton to love about this four-piece Austrian act. The slow burning “Try Me” is both an indie lullaby as well as a glimpse into the beginning of a fantastic rock act. The track sways with a seductive edge – both vulnerable and confident. Rarely do we hear an introductory track so tightly beautiful that it compels us to consume every other recording we can get our ears on. My Ugly Clementine is a rare act that demands your attention and affection.

Borrowed Sparks – “Are You Listening”

The nostalgic sound of Mike Bay aka Borrowed Sparks, is incredibly Springsteen-esque. His story is similar as well – being gifted an electric guitar as a teen. This led him to listen to classics like Petty and Steely Dan. If you like the working-class rock stylings of Brian Fallon, then you will definitely love and appreciate this rising songwriter who grabs ears and hearts with his gritty and vulnerable sound.

Victoria’s Flight – “Love Will Come Back”

The underpinning of nostalgia is heartbreaking but hopeful in “Love Will Come Back”. The vocals are rich and the melodies are rising, making the single a perfect introduction to the Glasgow act. While having similarities to acts like Snow Patrol, the band have found their own unique space to create. Blending genres and styles, the act are definitely interesting, sharing a fun energy that is needed in many earbuds.

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