An eclectic mix of pop to get you through the winter

Christina Munsey – “Crystal skies”
-The top 40 style beat on this track sparked my attention right away, but overall the vibe feels good. Munsey’s vocal sits in the mix perfectly. It feels like one of those tracks you can throw on a playlist and totally vibe out no matter what you’re doing. The bass hits really nicely on this jam.

Jodie Nicholson – “I must be dreaming”
-This rhythmic love song is quite thoughtful. It’s about dreaming of what might be between two people. The saxophone serves to set the mood while the quality lead vocal advances the track along nicely. The whole composition is comforting and enjoyable for fans of easy listening singer songwriter music.

Kasador – “Give it up”
-If you miss the 80s and all of its funky energy, you’ll dig this track from Kasador. I appreciate that it is indie pop rather than pure indie rock. The inflection on the vocal and unique style from the keys come together for something that we don’t hear very often. The lyrics move along a narrative of making a decision for yourself. If you’ve ever moved on from a toxic relationship or an addiction, this song will stand out for you.

Casii Stephan – “Trapeze Artist”
-If you were a theater kid, you knew someone like Casii Stephan. It’s the power vocal that can command a stage and a room. But there’s also this gentle sincerity that makes the lyrics of a power ballad like this work so well. I don’t know Stephan’s personality to put that tag “diva” out there, but she can certainly command a track with a vocal like one. Give it up for this rising star!

KayBe – “I fall in love”
-I don’t know that a vocal can be perfect, but this one is pretty amazing. The delicate phrasing and clear sound is wonderful. It’s a perfect song to share on Valentine’s Day, that’s for sure. If you’ve ever been in love with someone and know that feeling of “seeing them again for the first time,” it really is delightful. This song captures that emotion beautifully.

Seafret – “Magnetic”
-I thought about putting this one on the indie rock list, but there’s such a powerful pop core to it I just had to include it here. I bet a lot of fans of pop singer songwriters will dig this band as well. The energy is certainly there for it to be pop! I appreciate the swagger in the lyric “cold dark magic in those deep brown eyes.” Let’s just say I’ve thought of some people from my past hearing that lyric!

Almost Monday – “Parking lot view”
-The beat and groove of this song is addictively good. The 80s shine on the chorus is interesting. But what I love is how the vocal mix almost requires that you sing along. If you are a fan of 90s half-rap alt pop music and 80s sing along energy, you’re going to love the heck out of this song. It seems like a song that just couldn’t exist until the 2020s and we’re here for it.

Dylan Joel – “Snow”
-There really aren’t words for the energy that Dylan Joel brings on this track. It’s a pop song, sure, but there’s an edge to it that I really appreciate. It’s like he’s willing his way to the top. I bet if this track got big time air play it would take off. Let’s see what we can do to get this quality beat and vocal onto more playlists. If you dig this, share it with a friend and tell them ETTG sent you!

Doug the moleman x blindcinema – “Press space to elevate”
-This might be the most unique track we’ve covered in years. It’s a bossa nova beat with some fabulous electro pop elements. I just love it. The fever dream of a composition is perfect for almost any mood. Suddenly I feel like I’m in a 70s psychedelic moment… and I’ve never been in a psychedelic moment! Groovy, man.

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