3 Unique Songwriters That Crush Genre

Dylan Kanner – “Whale”

If your day needs a sweet folky lullaby, then let me introduce you to your new favorite songwriter. “Whale” is a restrained track that embraces silence and beautiful vocals. It doesn’t try to be anything but present, and the payoff is a disciplined track that can stand up to these rising times. The LA songwriter is sure to elicit nostalgia and all the feels in even the most pessimistic of listeners.

Aaron Taos – “I Just Fell In Love With My Ex”

We have covered Aaron Taos a lot through the years. He is an interesting songwriter who rarely does what we expect, and in turn, continues to surprise us with interesting pieces. On his newest contribution to an ever growing catalogue, the artist crafts a catchy pop anthem that will continue to bounce between your ears long after it stops. Taos is an underrated artist who will sure to find a home in many playlists.

Sammy Boller – “Kingdom of the Sun”

This is refreshingly different than the majority of tracks we cover on Ear to the Ground. While we are definitely closet post-rock fans, this track has a more classic rock vibe that carries a definite punch. Creating a sweeping sound that blows fans away, the build and craftsmanship is sure to garner respect from fans of any genre. Sammy Boller proves to have tremendous talent and epic grit which we are happy to celebrate regardless of genre.

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