A Playlist To Get You In That Sweet Weekend Mood

Welcome to the weekend! Some of you are planning on keeping busy (you know who you are… “those” people), others planning to binge something like Cheer on Netflix (I LOVE YOU, JERRY), or maybe doing absolutely nothing (you’re the real hero here). Whatever the plan maybe, if you need a playlist to move you into that sweet, sweet weekend mood – to motivate or mitigate, I’ve got you covered, boo. (I’M MAT-TALKING YOU! YOU CAN DO THIS!)

Alex Gibson – “Searching”

Light, airy, and delicately comforting, Mr. Gibson has given us a beautifully crafted singer-songwriter anthem. The sound is smooth and the vocals are equally cool, calm, and collected. The background vocals on the second half of the song are wonderful. This is a great song to put a smile on your face. It certainly put one on mine!

Riccardo Frediani – “Indimenticabile”

I don’t often throw a (neo)classical piece into my weekend playlists, but this is a soundtrack-worthy, emotional heart-beating melody that just had to be shared with you all. Full of robust piano and ethereal tones, I felt so much when listening to this and I hope it inspires and lifts you up as it did for me!

Black Lilys – “Yalakta”

I actually audibly “woo hoo’d” when I heard the first few notes of this song. It’s not even a song you do that to! This song is pure emotion and guttural, raw feelings personified. Listen, the vocals are truly, truly gorgeous, but the harmonies are everything. They are rich, perfectly performed, masterful, and a million other synonyms to describe “perfection.” This song is what I consider perfect. From lyrics, to sound, to musicality, to vocals – It’s the holy grail. I’m so in love with it.

David Ramirez – “Lover, Will You Lead Me?”

And where the last song broke my heart, this one put all the pieces back together again with his clear, unabashed tone and uniqueness of sound. I love, LOVE his vocals and the song itself is wonderfully thoughtful and a true stand out. The bass line is fun and grounded and the overall sound is full and rich. Also, as I am a true sucker for background vocals done right, here is a great example of what I consider “right.” I’m a definite fan!

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