Want Indie Cool? We Got You.

Reed Gaines – “Talk”

The music of the young Reed Gaines is incredibly modern. With his finger on the pulse of the industry, “Talk” mixes styles from favorites like Billie Eilish and Glass Animals. The electronic elements he textures within “Talk” are incredibly intriguing as they build. The more we listened, the more the sound opened up to us, parlaying a budding sense of confidence as the track played. The only way for us to properly describe the track is incredibly cool.

By Devices – “Glad You Called”

This UK indie rock act carry on the tradition of some of the greats. Recalling acts like Editors and Bloc Party, the band create an entire sonic landscape that builds to a near combustible climax. Listeners cannot help but shake and bop to the catchy face-melting guitars. Vocally it carries on a long tradition of similar bands, but is also very relatable lovely. It is surprising to note that By Devices are not in ads, on the charts, or on your favorite playlists. This is all very criminal but forgivable. We feel that with songs like “Glad You Called” these wrongs will all be set right very soon.

Aiko – “Bad Influence”

“Bad Influence” is a new guilty pleasure of ours. It is everything we love about pop without the insincerity. UK act Aiko is sharp, confident, and undeniably cool on this one. A celebration of feminine power, the track will have listeners singing with the same cocky accent. The way they sing “influence” is damn catchy but also very cool. We don’t know many acts like this. Aiko jumps arbitrary genre lines with ease and without caring about ramification. We love it. All of it.

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