A tidy little folk playlist to get your toes tapping this February

Alicia Blue – “Queen of Echo Park” ft Lauren Ruth Ward
-If you’re a fan of flower-child era folk music, you’ll fall head over heels in love with Alicia Blue. She’s got this delicate acoustic style that won me over right away. But then as you lean in and hear her voice, it’s a little Joni Mitchell and a little Mama Cass. There’s so much power and beauty to this performance. I’m happy to be a new fan.

Harmony Byrne – “Good idea”
-This tune is more Americana than darn near anything I’ve heard in months, which is ironic because Byrne is Australian. That said, I’ll throw this track on this folk playlist because it’s so good for the soul. I love the easy going style, the fantastic harmonies, and the overall spirit of the track. Also steel guitars always make me smile. Ain’t this sweet?

Daniel Del Russo – “Plymouth”
-If you like the sort of acoustic singer songwriter stuff that helps to define the folk genre, you’ll get a kick out of Daniel Del Russo. The track changes rhythm a bit, but more than anything has this swagger to it that I admire. It’s worth mentioning a comparison is there with early career John Mayer. Something about the pop guitar work here feels familiar, but new all at once. I can dig it.

Didirri – “Raw stuff”
-Maybe this is classic rock or just poetic piano music… I don’t think there’s really a genre for it. But because the song follows a narrative style that could hang with Jackson Browne, I’m calling it folk. I’m going to shut up now and tell you to listen to Didirri’s chord choices and lyrics. This is absolutely beautiful. The cinematic break is sure to send shivers up your spine. It’s… stunning.

Baseball Game – “See you tomorrow”
-I swore I had heard this band before. I clicked play and the opening was familiar enough. Sure, yeah, I know these guys. Then the vocal started with the unique effect on it… okay, maybe not. And the more I listened, the guitar continued to feel just delightful and the unique vocal mix made me take notice. It’s so special. It’s… I… this is admirable, unique, fun, experimental, and reminds me of one of my favorite artists, the inimitable Rusty Clanton. I want to learn more about the band. Baseball Game let’s do an interview! This is so cool!

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