Featured Single, Annie O’Malley “Golden Doves”

Let’s face it, this month has felt incredibly long and this week was a tough one for so, so many. The world seems incredibly heavy lately (at least for me), so now more than ever, I needed to feel the peace that an amazing piece of music could offer. Finding Annie O’Malley’s new single was that piece for me! I hope it will be for you as well.

“Breathe me out when I breathe you in…”

Take a deep breath and enjoy wonderful songwriting, warm and exciting vocals, and lyrics full of care and feeling. Everything about this track is pleasing, from the drum track, the guitar additions, the angelic atmosphere it all creates. Even the cover art exudes a feeling of freedom and hope.

If you need a musical pick-me-up, here is an excellent choice. Here’s to a brand new month and a chance to discover new things.

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