Our Favorite New Solo Artists

Evan Crommett – “Boys and Girls in Hell’s Kitchen”

The New York City songwriter has a voice that can melt the most stubborn of souls. In his latest single, the artist plays to his strengths. Setting the mood with a minimal and delicate soundscape, these affecting vocals carry a near perfect track. This is not to minimize his sound though. There is an unmistakable style built here with surprising instrumentation and textures. The end result is something absolutely refreshing and beautiful.

Ben Harris – “Wait”

Ben Harris has grown as a songwriter. His introspective new EP is incredibly purposeful and heavy on spiritual themes. This is his strength and what sets him apart from many. Words like “cinematic” and “epic” can be overused in our business, so we use caution when using such descriptions. However, if these fit any artist, they fit Harris. His electronic style is perfectly restrained and builds to something approaching other-worldly. If you appreciate music that is more spiritual, but personal and authentic, then this will be your new favorite.

Roisin – “Fade Away”

We love the art of Roisin. The NY songwriter has an incredible poise and maturity that is rare for her youth. Her music is subdued, yet within it there is a slow-burning groove which captures the hearts of listeners. A recent signee of SMG ENT, we are thinking her career will continue to take off into creative and ambitious avenues. We cannot wait to hear more.

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