Pop Vocalists To Elevate Your Weekend

It’s Saturday again and you know what that means! (Not a question…) New music, you wonderful, beautiful souls! I’ll be honest, my brain is a little mushy today (all week, really) which is probably why for my initial opening I actually typed “What’s up, Saturday? How you doin’? Good? Cool, cool… Me too.” – Clearly, unequivocal mush. But there’s one cure for said ridiculousness, and that’s some new tunage! So, in doing what I can to help myself and others think and work on a remotely coherent plain, I present you with three of the best pop songs I heard this week!

Aaron B. Thompson – “Sunrise”

What Aaron has done here is seamlessly blend pop/electro beats with thoughtful, melancholic storytelling. This is not so easily achieved and I was impressed with the different tones and quality of lyrics. Vocally, he’s smooth and calming, while the echo of the melody on the latter part of the song was additionally nice. The guitar overtones could’ve easily become overbearing and distracting, but they didn’t… they certainly added to the essence of the song by elevating it to a higher realm. I really enjoyed this interesting song.

JP Cooper – “In These Arms”

From the get-go, I was hooked. That dank, dirty synth bass note is delicious. Then the vocals are literally EVERYTHING, especially on the chorus. It goes from bang to bop on that gloriously vibey chorus. The upbeat and piano underneath the syncopated drums are so, so wonderful. To top it off, the lyrics on the bridge are poignant and compelling. I instantly became a fan of Mr. Cooper and I am so excited to hear more!

Johnny Stimson – “Hallelujah”

Oh, you were feeling a little down? Well, it’s your lucky day because here’s a song that starts with NOTHING but vocals and yet it’s INCREDIBLY full and vivacious. The descending melody line is so gospely appetizing. (I snapped. Like, literally snapped my fingers when I heard that melody line the first time.) Uplifting, true, unapologetic, and purely magical, this song has some power-packed glory to it. Amen and Hallelujah Mr. Stimson. Thanks for taking me to church.

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