This Week’s Best Artists

Talker – “Learning the Feeling”

The self-described “grunge pop” style of Talker is a beautifully modern commentary on the times we find ourselves in. There is an undoubted edge to the sound, yet it is extremely catchy and even dips unapologetically into the pop genre. The project of LA artist Celeste Tauchar is sharp and continues to gain attention from festivals and tastemakers alike. We look forward to hearing more from the deeply grounded indie LA artist with a penchant for creative and intriguing art.

Loose Buttons – “Fell Into a Hole”

We dare anyone not to immediately fall in love with the indie rock stylings of Loose Buttons. The upbeat guitar tone, the early 2000’s drums, and perfectly affecting vocals all make for a hopeful piece of can’t-get-enough music explosion. Drawing flares from Strokes to Death Cab for Cutie, the band is difficult to pin down in terms of similarities. This is a band who is firing on all of it’s own cylinders while still nodding to the past. We think the new year and decade might be a big one for this incredibly talented act.

Josh Kumra – “Stubborn Love”

We admire the authenticity of songwriter Josh Kumra. After being pushed into the limelight at age 19, and subsequently signing a major record deal, the artist realized his music had a disconnect to his soul. After a few years, he is back with a more personal and admirable EP Pull Me Back In. “My desire has been to hark back to the days of being a bedroom writer, when passion and joy were my only reasons for making music“, shares Kumra. “There are songs I could sing and never mean, but not these.” “Stubborn Love” showcases all the talents the artist has and draws listeners in with an expressive and beautiful arrangement.

Ten Fé – “Heaven Sent Me”

Ten Fé is an act we have covered a lot. Their talent is incredibly captivating and is found in their ability to create vastly different soundscapes. With their new single “Heaven Sent Me”, we are reminded of contemporaries like The National, mixed with a throwback flare. From post-rock to college-rock, the band is as talented as it is authentic. Their newest album Future Perfect, Present Tense is a needed listen for anyone who appreciates beautifully textured rock. Boundless in creativity, we cannot recommend this act enough and patiently wait for more.

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