An Indie Mix To Accompany Your Shopping

Today is “Shop Small Business Saturday” (in which you should be out there spending all that cash money on the “mom and pop” joints), and while these tunes are “smaller” and indie, they surely aren’t small! And that’s why I’m here today… to show you what gems I’ve found this week and introduce you to these mighty music makers!

Melanie Baker – “Broken”

Interesting strumming rhythms and lyrics make all things right and true with this acoustic beauty. It’s vocally luscious and calming and musically it’s delicious. The strings in the accompaniment are perfect – sad, melancholic, and so very pleasing. The best part about this song, (and something I really enjoy, personally), is the surprise musical build in the latter half of the song. What you think will be this soft, simple acoustic piece, moves into something moving, bigger, and full. This song has everything, and even in its simplicity, it’s telling.

Fallen Roses – “Crush (ft. Hannah Jenkins)”

This song is “sultry” personified. The vocals are strong and exciting, but the real gem here is the background vocals. I was SO THERE for those “oohs” and “mms,” baby. The upright piano twanging amongst the sexy beat, stellar vocals, and appetizing horns is perfection. This song is so much more than just an Electro Hit, as it hits all the notes, all the yes’s, everything. This song is EVERYTHING.

Klinger – “Dust”

Did I really just slip a neo-classical piano piece? YOU BET I DID! Sometimes all you need is a piano and someone who knows how to use a piano, not just “play” it. The way Klinger uses the low end, the resonating tones, the sadness of a minor chord is truly spectacular. This was one of those instrumentals that I instantly added to my personal playlist. It inspires, it makes you feel, it’s… heavenly.

Whyte Tygers – “Here We Go”

And we end this chapter on a revving high-note! Fun, interesting, full of heart, this pop/electro hit is a diamond in the rough. We get so many submissions from this genre that sometimes they all fade into each other. That is NOT the case with this tune. I just had to share it and write about how the dirtiness of the beat is something inspired. It’s gritty, firm, and powerful. One of the best vocals I’ve heard in a while. Here we go, indeed!

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