Your Essential Thanksgiving Playlist

The Brilliance – “How Do We Know

This one carries an almost spiritual pondering to it. The band asks existential questions throughout the criminally short track amidst drum machines and keys. “How Do We Know” serves as a foretaste of what we are thinking will be a great new album due in January, Oh Dreamer. Following the act for awhile now, we are fans and are thankful for their expressive work.

Alex Siegel – “Too Late”

Siegel crafts some of the most interesting tracks we have heard recently. Blending styles like jazz and bossa nova with folk storytelling, the end result is expressive and beautiful. Hailing from Santa Monica, we hear the space at which he lives throughout “Too Late”. It carries a certain west coast vibe to it, similar to Mac Demarco in many respects. The bass line will surely make you swoon.

Matt McCloskey“I Am Not Your Lullaby”

McCloskey has a rambling grit to his music. On his latest track, the folk troubadour is found on an existential quest reminiscent of the great who have traveled before him. The artist is hitting his stride and searching for answers with an impressive confidence and pondering. Vocally we love how he draws listeners in with a dark tremor of sound backing him.

GHSTWRLD X Metaxas“Take it Slow”

This one is seductive and engaging. The soulful vocals make it a stop your playlist dead track. Reminding us of Jack Garratt, the act has a beautifully layered sound that builds until a perfectly timed step back piano solo. Blended beautifully, we love the expressive late night drive feel of “Take it Slow” and cannot wait to hear more.

Yosef David – “Somedays”

Wow. This is all we had to say after the first spin of “Somedays”. The young songwriter pours so much talent and near mastery on his new track. The perfect swell of the track rises within your soul as it builds and lifts optimism. The vocals are whispered into a lull before punching eardrums with sweet nostalgia. We love Yosef David for his talent, but also his humanity. This is a must listen for all who have a heart to see underrated artists celebrated.

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