3 Absolutely Amazing Songwriters

Sonofdov “King of the World”

The music of songwriter Sonofdov makes me feel something different with every listen. The talented musician from New Jersey is able to layer a song with creative arrangements and haunting lyrics that build into something as heartbreaking as it is uplifting. The man behind the moniker, Dennis King, has a background in post-punk and will undoubtedly draw comparisons to NJ’s native son Bruce Springsteen but thrives in his own creative space. Yet, what Sonofdov is able to do so beautifully, is to transport listeners to a sound without genre or comparison. His first LP Towers, is worth checking out.

Chloe Foy – “Never Be The Same Again”

The melodic style of this UK songstress will melt your heart while it breathes hope into your all too weary soul. The piano playing alone will crush whatever disposition you are a prisoner too, while the way she shapes her voice stops listeners dead in their tracks. She gains tons of comparisons of Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen, and her talent is on par with the established acts. We have followed her rise for years and are excited to hear new music from the prolific and poetic artist. To say we are smitten with her sound is an understatement. She might just be our favorite songwriter of this, or any year.

Evenson – “The More You Wanna (Break Up)”

There is something immediately enthralling about the sound of the young Haitian songwriter Evenson. His worldly sound is creative and expansive, while his vocals are soaring and affecting. On his new track, “The More You Wanna (Break Up)”, we hear an artist who is due for well-earned love from critics and picky music fans alike. We are reminded of the new Coldplay sound mixed with a more songwriter ethos. We absolutely love the new artist and are excited to hear more.

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