3 Contemplative Songwriters For Your Fall Playlist

Will Samson – “Flowerbed

It is difficult to describe “Flowerbed” without using words like timeless, dreamy, and beautiful. The expansive and deliberate sound comes from an artist who is at a crossroads. After the sudden loss of his father, and struggling with shades of PTSD, Samson turned to psilocybin. This all pours into the mature, yet imaginative music of the gifted songwriter. His new album Paralanguage shows more of these themes, captivating artists with a beautiful style.

Colors Collide – “Mask”

The music here is everything we love about Colors Collide. “Mask” beautifully captures the wonder and beauty of an artist who is intentional, but never rushed. Crafting textures with minimal vocals, the artist showcases a burgeoning talent for creating expressive soundscapes that will resonate with a number of souls. With the weather changing, and thoughts turning more inward, we find tracks like this perfect to place on your contemplative playlists.

Simon Alexander – “In the Rust”

After his exceptional self-released debut, Wont Be Found, Alexander found an immediate audience who connected with his reflective lyrics and authentically folk instrumentation. The Swedish songwriter has an incredible cache of talent that is showcased in his newest track “In the Rust”. His vocals alone are set to make listeners swoon. Mixing a weary songwriter style with a soulful and even optimistic tone, the artist strikes a chord with the diverse listeners within the genres of pop, folk, and indie circles. Simon Alexander is a natural talent that is due for a big year.

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