3 Singer-Songwriters to Shake Up Your Weekend

I literally moved to a new state and started a new job this past week, so I definitely needed some new music to move me along. I’ve been starved for some inspiration this week and these three powerhouses more than came through for me.

Felin – “Berlin”

Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to cover it with this song. Even if it was just 3 minutes of that opening piano bit, I still would’ve covered it! Vocally, it’s raw, as Felin masters the perfect blend of emotion, power, and tenderness. This is a rare trait with female vocalists these days! Musically, it beautifully weaves through strings, piano, and synth, making a very lush and enticing overall sound. This song is instantly on my new writing/creative playlist as it’s got so much inspiration to give.

Steph Sandor – “Spell”

Sultry and seductive, this song has it all — an excellent beat, stellar vocals, powerful imagery, and an overall electric sound. The descending chords and vocals on the chorus is probably my favorite part. That, and the amazing high harmonies interlacing throughout. This is a great “sing-along” song for those who look for that. (Especially with those low vocal points on the verses. I love a good challenge… that she masters seamlessly.) Ms. Sandor is definitely someone to look out for and put on your watchlist!

Orla Gartland – “Figure It Out”

With a video concept so simple, yet so visually enticing at the same time, this song really exceeds and provides such a stimulating experience. Just when you think you’re getting this lovely singer-songwriter ballad, the rock-guitar post-chorus interludes (and the full-fledged rock choruses) are truly phenomenal. I love the angst that grooves in and out throughout the journey of this story. On the later chorus, when she walks up the octave (on the lyric, “figure it ah- ah- ah- out”) is one of the yummiest vocals I’ve heard in a long time. I was so excited to share this one with you all!

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