TEN! New rock jams to make your fall season great!

Luna Bay – “All In”
-This is what I think of when “indie rock” comes to mind. There’s so much energy here and the guitars are absolutely killer. The vocal harmonies on the chorus are positively inspiring. The whole composition, especially the chorus, makes me want to sing along. Let me know if you’re all in! This is a song about commitment, togetherness, and getting it done. I love the energy!

Juliper Sky – “Waves”
-If atmospheric yet energetic rock is your thing, give Juliper Sky a spin. There’s a dynamic to this track that feels a bit like it rises above the listener. I’m not sure what gives it that feeling, but it works really well. The harmonies and overall production are… a bit out of this world. I like it a lot.

Colie – “Half of what you are”
-The lead vocal from Colie is absolutely beautiful. The rest of the track builds on that fundamental quality. The style is rock in the way that Fleetwood Mac were rock and I’m totally okay with that. I keep coming back to the delightfulness of that powerful lead vocal. It’s swoon worthy.

Silklake – “On your side”
-I dig the chill vibes of this unique new track from Silklake. The energy feels close to the ground and engaging. There’s a cool riff from the electric guitar that is the soul of the piece. The groove wins me over more than the vocal, but the mood of the track is worth consideration for your indie rock playlists.

Harmony Byrne – “Come down vs calm down”
-If it’s blues guitar you’re after, stop on down to Harmony Byrne’s stage. This is a captivating and deeply intriguing track. The vocal edges on the mysterious side, but the guitar work is what keeps me coming back for more. Do you have a blues face? Because I do. It kind of looks sad, disgruntled, disgusted, and a little bit angry. I make it when I hear that crispy guitar do its thing.

The Inoculated Canaries – “Donna”
-When I clicked play on this track for the first time, I honestly couldn’t believe my ears. I can’t quite place why the sound is so familiar. I guess in some ways this is a “classic” rock tune in the vein of pop rock for the past fifty years. That said, the execution and freshness are there in spades. The “song about a girl” theme never gets old, honestly. It’s just a fun little feel good pop rock track.

The Morning Yells – “Make Fire”
-This track is tagged as psych rock and I’m okay with that description. It’s definitely in the classic rock vein. It feels like it could have come straight from the late 70s. I dig the clarity on the mix. There’s a real power to the time and space created in the chorus. I love the spacing between the word and the instrumental break after the key lyric “you make fire and pour it through my bones.” Hot damn!

Alex McArtor – “Heart Talk”
-The pop energy of Alex McArtor is palpable. The vocal here is quality, soaring over a lush mix of guitars and rhythm section. The production quality on this song is absolutely phenomenal. It feels radio ready with a ton of hit potential in the Grace Potter vein of pop rock female vocalists.

Bandit – “I’d try anything twice”
-If you’re looking for a raw, real rock band, meet Bandit. There’s a smoky bar style to their writing. I feel like I’m running across an early career mega star when I listen to this band. They have the penetrating energy of a band like Oasis that I very rarely hear these days. I admire the way the lead vocal cuts through the noise of the rightly full rock sound. This is such a rich palate for a “raw” band. I’m a new fan, for sure.

The Brook and the Bluff – “Pastels”
-I appreciate the unique guitar energy of this track. It’s got a genre-bending brightness to it. The beat and guitar work definitely fit soundly within the rock genre. Something about the overall polish on the backing vocals make it feel like it’s moving toward the pop side of the rock spectrum. I like the way the vocal sits right in the middle ground; it’s not too understated but also not some wild shouting style either. It’s just enough to provoke your attention. You have mine, Brook and the Bluff!

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