A set of neoclassical pieces to watch the leaves fall

Gianluca Piacenza – “Close your eyes”
-This piece has eloquent phrasing and a tangible aesthetic. You can hear the pedals. You can hear the keys striking the strings in a visceral way, which makes it feel quite different than most piano pieces we feature. That phrasing and expressive melody style, though, really does make you want to close your eyes. Relax with this one, friends.

Juan María Solare – “Seul pendant un instant”
-If you’ve been around our neoclassical coverage for a bit, you’ve definitely seen and heard Solare. He’s wonderfully gifted. His writing is expressive, as I often write it feels “conversational.” It’s hard for me to pass up the contemplative style that Solare offers. This is the quintessence of the neoclassical genre.

by Gunnarsson – “Melancholia”
-This piece is a bit more experimental than what we typically feature. Something about the soothing piano work makes the scratching in the background work. The whole experience is something of a dream, a bit of a mental trip. It’s not a typical relaxing neoclassical piece completely; it’s more of a thought provoking fever dream in music.

Yusuke Tsutsumi – “Waltz I”
-Waltz timing is such a gift to the human ear. In this instance, the composer has taken waltz timing to a graceful new place. The opening is sweet and engaging, but stay with it for a surprise. You can still hear the timing in the background as some rolling piano work billows over the top of the waltz style. It’s a remarkable piece of artistry and worth a listen.

Ville Laaksonen – “August”
-We’re not in the month of August anymore, but Laaksonen’s energetic composition seems quite relevant for the frenetic pace of the fall season. Between family obligations and the work grind, it hardly seems like there is time to sit and enjoy the season. But this piece – “August” – shoves all of that conflict into one place and asks the listener to consider it. It’s an evocative piece.

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