Talented Songwriter Jack Shields Shines on A Curious Year

Songwriter Jack Shields is beginning to hit his stride as a rising artist with the release of A Curious Year. Within it’s 8 song spin, Shields proves that as an artist, he stands out in the pack of young and talented artists. His ability to craft genuine and engaging tracks seems almost effortless. The tracks have an uncanny blend of genre and style. It all appears to come naturally.

Growing up on both American coasts – California and Connecticut – Shields is able to bridge the gap in-between with his large but intimate soundscapes. The album could both be the soundtrack of winterly evenings holed up beside the fire, or driving through an expanse of desert with the windows down. Every song holds together the greater end – a full album. Yet, within each track, an wide and surprising explosion of life and art are contained.

“People Zoo” is a great example of the artists talent for crushing expectations. It is both a rock folk track a la Kurt Vile, while dipping in psych rock territory. It is quite the burning rocker. “Pastel Sky” further shows his creative lyricism and unique vocals. It both seems to be a part of a whole, and also it’s own thing entirely. Complete with a southern rock guitar howl, the track is an intriguing paradox of style.

“Move Through Me, Melody” is one of the more beautiful tracks we have heard recently. Shields’ heart rings sweetly throughout, while more pop folk fans are sure to find a playlist worthy song here. His continued guitar talent is brought out fully here as well.

Perhaps our favorite track is “Snow”. The soaring vocals rise optimism in listeners while the fun guitar intro carries the track into quirky Vampire Weekend territory instrumentally.

The music of Jack Shields is a treat for us and we believe you, the humble listener, are sure to find something within his textured sound that is sure to ring the bells of your soul. There is a lot to love about his craft.

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