4 Interesting New Artists to Improve Your Weekend

Who loves the same ‘ol same ‘ol? I don’t! here’s four of the most impactful and interesting artists/songs I’ve heard recently.

White Prism – “Good Man”

This is a tride and true electro hit for the purists among us. It sports some excellent hits, ebbs and flows, and its all wrapped up in a dark and emotional shell. Lyrically, this is thoughtful and the vocals are definitely something special. The latter end of the song with the “drumline” addition is surprising in the best of ways! I would suggest you listen to this song with a great subwoofer because the bass and beat are something truly spectacular.

Løv Li – “I Miss You”

Yes, hello, dude falsetto! If you read my bio on this site, you will know it’s one of my greatest joys in life. It didn’t take much to get me excited to cover this song! Lyrically it’s sad, emotional, and full of so many feelings. Vocally, well… it’s simply gorgeous. Musically, it’s truly exceptional. The beat, when it drops, is not the usual boom, but a boom laced with beautiful strings, which is such a refreshing take on the ‘beat drop.” It’s a well-written, well-performed song.

Dan Atta – “Deep Blues”

This song has so much going for it, being including well-paired with a beautifully orchestrated music video. Lyrically, this song is telling and timed perfectly. About the pain and loneliness we sometimes feel, even when in a crowded room, this song has it all – storytelling, stellar vocals, and great musicality. I was very taken by this song and really felt compelled to share it with you all. Do yourself a favor and bask in its deep meaning and musical skill.

Paul Mosley and the Red Meat Orchestra – “People are Idiots”

I’ll be honest… I saw this title and it took a second to mull over whether to click on it or not. But I’m so glad I did! There’s so much to dig into here, but mostly it’s full of intriguing sounds, a mixture of textures, movements, beats, styles, and it’s not at all confusing. It’s this excellent, obscure journey into the mind of musical excellence. And yeah… I tend to think people can be idiots sometimes, so I felt the lyrics, too. (Insert winky emoji? Is that journalistically appropriate?) At the end of the day, this song is actually a work of art.

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