Four Incredible and Powerful Talents We Discovered This Week!

Listen. I know what you’re going to say… “Dayna. You always say that! You always tell us that these songs are incredible!” Well, I do. It’s true. I don’t make a habit of sharing mediocre music with you all. HOWEVER, this week truly, unequivocally inspired me! I choose to share four female (or they/their/them)-led songs this weekend and imma be totes real with you… their totally badass! So, pop a squat and have fun you bitchin’ biotches! (Disclaimer: This is my 3rd attempt this week to make “bitchin” happen again. I stand by it. #makeamericabitchinagain)

Stolen Jars – “Down Here (A Fall Leaf Found in a Far and Distant Town)”

Our first song is brought to you by epic song titles and DREAMY melodies. This song truly embodies the definition of whimsical. It is seasonably accurate, with amazing visuals and stunning vocals (including/but not limited to the background ones). The orchestral parts throughout are magical and I honestly struggle to find the most accurate synonyms to describe what may be one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in ages.

DOPICO – “Red Lingerie”

Oooh, did you sexy and sultry? On Ear to the Ground? Ding, ding, double ding! This is a stellar, vivacious vocal (especially on the second half) and a great musical representation of making lemonade out of the sourest of lemons. Lyrically, it’s pretty much perfect. If I’m being honest, this style is not something I think I would normally gravitate towards, but it just got me from the very first second. It’s just got so much angst and simultaneously so much heart! It’s powerful and yet thoughtful! It’s… wonderful. Epically so.

MXMS – “What’s My Name”

Music videos can be hit or miss sometimes, and at times, I would prefer just to hear a song without seeing the video. It can honestly hurt the overall effect on us when we are reviewing submissions (if they are mediocre). This is NOT that type of situation! This particular music video is powerful, dark, emotional, and poignant. It matches what I would consider a tough and important subject matter. As someone who experienced first hand the effects of bullying and depression, I felt this song in my core. I couldn’t help but share it with you all! Musically, it’s haunting and at the same time gorgeous – with pretty vocals and piano.

Music is significant. And so are you.

Kim Harris – “Once You Were Wondrous”

Opening with a dazzling orchestral bit and leading into a syncopated piano, you instantly know this song is unique in its own right. Well… and then Ms. Harris smacks you in the face with her freakin’ AWESOME vocals! I don’t much focus on vibrato, as they come in all shapes and sizes, like us! But her vibrato is yummy, like… a whole snack. The musical tone is bright and stunning. I want more, I just do! I want to hear more music, more excellence. And that is what this song really does succeed in – excellence. So, if you dig that sort of thing, here you go!

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