The Ballroom Thieves Continue to Impress

If you haven’t had the joy of experiencing the music of The Ballroom Thieves, allow this to be your glorious introduction. The trio has two rather impressive albums behind them, and have released a few singles in hopes of piquing interest for the next.

And it’s working.

With “Tenebrist”, the act bounce between genres like a muscle car cutting through the western desert. While the band has produced some incredible music in the past, this seems to be their breakout. It perfectly blends the styles of folk, rock, americana, and even soulful jazz. “Tenebrist” is big and soul comforting like few tracks we have heard recently. What is intriguing, is their ability to mix lyrics dealing with depression and uncertainty, while still lifting spirits through an optimistic sound. While showing complexity, the band still knows how to have fun and make a humming rock tune.

As the band continues to grow a following, gaining air play across the nation, look for The Ballroom Thieves to have a monumental breakout in the following year.

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