Punchy Pop Outfits to Try On this Weekend

It’s been a weird week. How about you? I know when I’m feeling iffy about life, I tend to work it out with some new music. And by “work it out,” I usually mean either dance it out or JAM it out. (If you know what I mean…) Or, just take my word for it and listen to the top two tracks I’ve heard this week!

Run River North – “OKAY COOL”

Fun, quirky, and punchy, this pop piece is the perfect addition to your weekend playlist. The verses are full of flare, the chorus is thoughtful, and the musical interludes are full of depth, range, and intrigue. Do you want to dance? Good… here’s the perfect chance to do so. Okay? Cool. (See what I did there?)

Margaux – “Palm”

You know I love me some delicious vocals… and Ms. Margaux serves this in spades. A quiet, simple grace elevates what could potentially be “just another song.” But this is no ordinary tune, as it definitely offers us some interesting nuances post-chorus and even such a unique change in tone on the latter end of the song. It’s beautifully performed, written, and chock full of subtle genius.

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