If it sounds good, blog it! Four quit hitting rock tracks —

nodisco. – “Thoughts from your car”
-I really dig the energy of this track. I don’t use that as a throwaway line. What is “energy” anyways? Well it’s the stuff that makes you want to dance. It’s what puts a smile on your face even though you don’t know the artist or who he’s singing about. It’s the way that these major chords and positive vibes get you thinking about your favorite people, making you ready to party. You might know nothing about California beaches or making out with a friend, but you’re still feeling good listening to this song. That’s its energy.

American Teeth – “Chemicals”
-I don’t often connect with this type of intense pop rock, but honestly this track is incredible. The lyrics are a bit more racy than what we tend to cover on this more traditional site, but it’s SO GOOD. The chorus puts me in mind of party culture, but also just vibing out on your own. The mood of this is about taking the edge off and enjoying life. Don’t take it as life advice, but enjoy the harmonies and the guitar work.

Little India – “Diamonds”
-The up beat nature of this track definitely puts it in a pop category. Even the mix on the vocals feels like it was designed for people to sing along. The familiar “diamonds are forever” lyrics make it easy to embrace and sing along. The entire piece feels like a mashup of styles from the past 30 years or so. The piece is as much a production feat as a straight up music performance and we’re totally supportive. The end product is engaging and infectiously positive.

The Skullers – “She denies herself the things she loves”
-This is an outstanding rock song. I am stunned by the raw rock energy here. Something about the tone of the guitars feels like it came right out of the 60s. Even the vocals feel vintage. I could listen to the Skullers all day. They might be my favorite new rock act in 2019. This song not only has a powerful hook, but relatable lyrics if you’ve ever been in a contentious relationship. It’s more musically and lyrically complex than meets the eye. I love tracks like this, genuinely.

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