Breakout Artist : : : Indie Hip Soul Blending Cautious Clay

“Ever since I started playing music, it was always about the feel,” says Josh Karpeh, AKA Cautious Clay. “There are a lot of things in art that you can learn by practicing or studying, but feel’s not one of them. It’s something you’ve just got to have. I used to think about songwriting and production as completely separate, but when I learned how to merge those two things, that’s when I was able to start creating music that really connected with people.

The genre busting artist Cautious Clay is a musical product of the many influences he discovered in his youth. Perhaps there is no artist more difficult to classify, and that is how he seems to like it. With the criminally brief “Erase”, the artist blends soul with hip hop and conscious rock. The material appears to struggle with oversharing and the trappings of social media. The end result is experimental and intriguing. Originally hailing from Cleveland, Cautious Clay started his musical formation seemed to come together mostly in college in D.C.

The artist has been burning up the indie scene while performing in major festivals this summer. He is a bit of an indie darling that keeps producing surprising and creative explorations into sound and genre.

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