Post Rock: : : : Heron and Still Motions Soar Past Genre

Still Motions – “Through Doubt, Comes Clarity”

The build is a necessity when working within the instrumental musical space. This band has long mastered such a skill. Their crafting of an immersive and inviting experience is near perfect, as they blend creative instrumentation that is unexpected and refreshing. The electric guitar carries the track through as a guide into the cavernous sound before coming to a near combustible climax and reprieve. The work done here is special. Still Motions are able to captivate the emotion and heart with their personal reflection on space and genre.

Heron – “Gravity Shift”

If you have been reading us for awhile or cover the genre with any interest, you are sure to have come across Pennsylvania rockers Heron. The act recently released an exceptional second LP which adds to their growing fanbase. Their maturity is a definite strength, but so is their ability to promote an almost child like wonder in their audience. With “Gravity Shift”, Heron prove their intricate talent and even showcase the track with a fascinating video. For even those of us who are reluctant to wave the post rock flag, the talent here is palpable and only fuels the dreams and imagination within us. This is a band for all people.

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