Tuesday 3: The Best Tracks You Will Hear

Simen Mitlid – “Reality Tsars”

Hailing from Norway, songwriter Simen Mitlid crafts intricate and lush soundscapes equal to his picturesque homeland. His dreamy vocals play wonderfully with a swelling sound which illicit nostalgia and beautiful thoughts of another world. What makes Mitlid such a great talent, is his impeccable talent for creating a full style that effortlessly jumps between genres. The banjo in this is especially intriguing, going beyond just the twangy folk style many are use to, and finding a new level of sound exploration. We cannot get enough of “Reality Tsars”.

Gaspar Sanz – “Come Home”

Former Tame Impala member Sammy Devenport and vocalist Jimmy Bell started making their own brand of expressive rock in Sydney while pursuing acting. What started as a hobby became serious when they filled out the band and formed Gaspar Sanz. Finding early success, the band is back with the timely rock jam “Come Home”. If you dig youthful rock exuberance, then be prepared to meet your new favorite act.

Beffect – “Quartz”

The project of Italian artist Enrico Bartolo is intriguing and near impossible not to love. We appreciate instrumentals but also find it difficult to find expressive art within this genre that rattles our soul. Beffect finds the balance between expressive and accessibility. “Quartz” is the perfect track to play in your car on a night time drive to nowhere or the soundtrack for a peaceful evening alone at home. We dig the artist who is becoming more prolific.

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