Some Boundary/Genre Pushing Pop Gurus Ready to Wake Up your Weekend!

Esbie Fonte & Temi Vila – “Maybe Next Time”

Ethereal and full of dark whimsy (yes, that’s a thing), this pop/electro gem is full of passion AND pain. It’s a great marriage of genre tropes and boundary-pushing elements. Amidst the beautiful twilight of the verses, the chorus almost transcends into gospel with some superb organ and horn samples. Vocally, Ms. Fonte is haunting and perfectly suited for this song. Temi Vila has a way of making the most of 3 minutes and 35 seconds with what might be one of the best, most unique pop/electro songs I’ve heard in a while. Can’t wait for more from these artists!

Talu – “You’re Not My Real Bed”

This song is fun, driving, and an exemplary example of blending different genre styles. With some rock, pop, and electro hints, this song is well-rounded and dynamic. It’s a tale of moving away from all you’ve known before and experiencing all new things and is a concept we’ve all lived through at some point in our lives!


Another fantastic dark and haunting tune, full of some excellent nuances, ebbs/flows, and also outstanding vocals. The sampling on this is fascinating, almost taking this song into a cultural realm. The chorus is enchanting and terrifying at the same time, and I can’t get enough! This is definitely on my new personal playlist and it is definitely magical.

Joel Ansett – “Pure”

With some pure, hitting vocals with the ever-intoxicating electric piano, I’m a big fan of this song and this sound. It’s got some great genre-borrowing aspects, with a little flow in and out of singer-songwriter. But, this subtle pop/electro beauty is something truly outstanding! With some of the best lyrics on this list and also some of the best relatability, this melody is full of truth and purity. (See what I did there?) The ending with the humming is also really, really, really gorgeous.

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