Marny Proudfit: Breathtaking Songwriting

Ever once and awhile, when the musical forces that be grant us extended grace, we come across a song that strikes us immediately before nestling deep into our battered soul. Such a track meets listeners where they are, expressing some deep truth about life through lyric and melody. These rare gifts are why we continue to run Ear to the Ground.

Utah songwriter Marny Proudfit gave us just this when she unleashed “Europe, Europe” on our unsuspecting musical sensibilities. Her ability to draw listeners into her space while converting them as life long confidants is an incredible talent. Her style is vulnerable and all together lovely. Her soulful vocals add to her sound in a way reminiscent of Joni Mitchell. While still practicing a matured restraint in spots, her sound is still incredibly expressive, bringing listeners into the peaks and valleys of her songwriting.

We can honestly not recommend the music of Many Proudfit enough.

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