Indie rock that stands out from the crowd

Foxfire Run – “Dear Mrs Young”
-When it comes to indie rock, there’s a saturated market. It takes something truly special for a track to stand out and Foxfire Run do that here. Maybe feeling a bit more like older “alt rock,” the mix of guitars and unique vocals on this track are attention grabbing. I find the dynamics after the break to be superb. The song feels like it wants to take off and take flight. The energetic sonic mix is truly outstanding.

Fabricated Freedom – “All my fault”
-Okay so I was on board with this song from the start, but once the vocal harmonies entered on the chorus I almost squealed. I LOVE this sound. The harmonies and overall tight performance style feels like the pop rock band I’ve needed in my life for years. The energy of this recording is absolutely infectious. It reminds me of my glory days cranking Good Charlotte in my first car, driving to my first job. It’s somehow a fresh new sound while giving me some pretty vivid nostalgia. Love that!

Ivan and Alyosha – “Hit the floor”
-If you’ve been a fan of ETTG for a while, you know we are happy to support Ivan and Alyosha. In fact, they’re one of the bands that was around back when we started. It’s music like this – intensely fun folk pop rock – that is what motivated me to become a blogger. I love singing along with this band, too. It’s such a powerful ballad with an inspiring storyline. Give it a spin and check out the MP3.

The Evening Attraction – “There’s Something Bout It”
-I am absolutely amazed by the quality that I’m hearing from the Evening Attraction. The lead vocal, especially, sounds like a seasoned veteran. The full sound is one that will have you bobbing your head and enjoying. There’s something dismissively fluid about the guitar work here, allowing the listener to focus in on the lyric work. It’s actually a fantastic song in the vein of the Head and the Heart. They’re great!

Young Mister – “Best”
-If folk rock is your thing (you’ve come to the right place!), then you’ll enjoy Young Mister. There’s an energy that feels a bit like early Neil Young with a dash of Rayland Baxter to me. No matter who else this makes you think of, it’s an incredibly enjoyable song. “Forget all the things you wish you could change and give your heart a break… You are the thing I do best.” Wow, for some of us this lyric resonates so well. If you’re in love and are there for someone (or have someone who is there for you), this one’s going to boost your oxytocin. It’s got a timeless vibe and some wonderful lyrics.

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